Range of application



By thermoforms, we mean the transfer of defined temperature fields, so that the form behaviour of the artificial film or sheeting, which is directed over the temperature distribution, can be controlled. Thus the application of the stretch rod can be relinquished, which, next to a reduction of technical expenditure in the equipment, also makes possible the avoidance of frequently occurring chill marks.

Should less-strong ranges become thinned out, they will be warmed by very small temperatures, and should stronger areas become stretched they will be strongly warmed. In this way, cera2heat represents not only an improved wall thickness distribution, but it can also, as opposed to conventional film heating with stamped pre-stretch, economise on materials. An improved product quality with, at the same time, a reduced film thickness of up to 30% and further energy savings through pulsed operation, are possible with the application of cera2heat technology.

With the modular concept, a heating system can simply be adapted at the point of the installation of the application. Format adjustments can be undertaken in seconds with software.

Benefits in overview

  • Defined temperature distribution for a consistent implementation
  • Savings on material through target orientated preheating and the best possible distributions of material
  • Savings on energy through minuscule thermal mass and potential pulsed operation
  • The foregoing of stamped pre-stretch and thereby the reduction of equipment complexity and headroom
  • Quick system readiness (short heat-up times)
  • Simple integration into existing equipment through the use of integrated operation and regulation hardware
  • Straightforward scalability of the equipment through modular assembly system
  • Split-second temperature adjustments through format changes made with software
  • Improved process monitoring through registration and logging of temperature from every single heating circuit directly from the effective working area
  • Completely configured system – no adjustment of control parameters for temperature regulation are necessary

watttron offers the integration of technology from one source. To that integration belongs the design of the temperature fields for your application, manufacture, assembly and implementation of the cera2heat-heating systems. Furthermore, we also optimise thermoformed packing material, by, for instance, giving consultation for packaging development and by simulation based optimisation of product attributes and manufacture.

Further Application

cera2heat can above all be used in applications in which contact surfaces must be heated at a selected level. With the realisable temperature range of circa 200 degrees centigrade, many processes of plastic processing and also bio-technical processes can be better thermally controlled and monitored. Contact us! We can develop with you a suitable heating system for your application!