Other services provided

ceraheat – Customer specific Heating with selected and defined Contact Heating

Do you require tailor-made Heating for your application? Does your process require a temperature range above that of the cera2heat module heating? With the product line CeraHeat we offer to you customer specific bespoke heating on the basis of ceramic manufacturing technology.

We realise for you:

  • an optimal temperature distribution by means of FE-calculations
  • an appropriate heating circuit layout for your application
  • the manufacture of individual heaters in small or large series
  • control and regulation electrics making a complete integrated solution for specific needs with minimal spatial requirements

Simulation – Optimisation of Thermoform- and Seal-Processes

Next to the calculation of optimal temperature distribution for your application for the best possible wall thickness distribution, we offer simulation based support for the process design of Thermoform- and Seal-Processes. Furthermore, we can advise you on product optimisation, for example the optimal strain configuration of thermo-formed components and packaging.