cera2heat – Integrated Modular Matrix Heating System

Our patented Heating Technology cera2heat is built upon the idea of non-homogeneous contact heating. With cera2heat, heating technology becomes a single heating circuit, smaller than a penny that can be regulated to specific temperature requirements. Using analog to TFT-display, temperature fields and thermal images are efficiently trasferred to the surface.

Our specific parameters include:

  • Heat-up rate: up to 1000 K/s
  • Ground coverage: up to 50 W/cm²
  • Temperature range: up to 200°C (higher temperatures on request)
  • Precise temperature control to exactly one Kelvin
  • Size of heat pixels: 5×5 mm
  • Viable heating surface: due to the modular concept allowing for the linking of multiple modules
  • Integrated control- and regulation-hardware graphic interface; control systems integration optional.