Sealing and welding – in any form

Our heating system cera2seal® is specifically designed for sealing and welding processes.

For the first time, complicated packaging geometries can be implemented – including complex irregular shapes. Additionally, our heating system allows for the combination of varying sized rings and sealing bars.

Customized arrangements of individual heating circuits combined with integrated temperature sensors are the key behind this innovative seal heating system, allowing for precise control of the temperature distribution.

Technical data:

  • Heating rates: 100 K/s (212 °F/s) and more
  • Temperature range for sealing: up to 250°C / 482°F (higher temperatures on request)
  • Power range: 50 W/cm² (322 W/inch²), more power density on request
  • Reaches operating temperature in seconds
  • Application specific heating surface dimensions
  • Direct proximity of heating circuits and temperature sensors to the sealing surface for optimal process control and temperature accuracy
  • Integrated control and regulation hardware; temperature controller may be integrated in the control cabinet, integration into the machine control system via common fieldbus protocols (EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, etc.)