The advantages of ceramic heating technology are extensive and can vary across specific application fields.


  • Our technology enables the manufacturing of products that were previously unrealizable or not producible. Additional information can be found under APPLICATION AREAS.

Cost savings

  • Approx. 30 % material savings through efficient material distribution
  • Approx. 30 % energy savings by reaching the operating temperature in seconds, activating impulse operation and defined and direct heat flow.
  • Faster return on investment

Quality improvements

  • Even distribution in thermoforming processes due to defined temperature distribution
    Recording and logging the temperature of each heating circuit simplifies and improves the monitoring process

Process acceleration and flexibility

  • Short pre-heating time to reach operating temperature
  • No pre-stretching required for thermoforming processes
  • Software allows adjustment of the temperature field within seconds to fit individual requirements
  • Easy integration into existing operations through integrated control hardware
  • Simple planning and retrofitting with our space-saving, modular design

Environmental protection

  • Our technology allows you to save energy and valuable resources
  • Savings for water cooling and additional devices, dependent upon application