Episode 13: John Ryan / Kraft Heinz

In this episode of our podcast, we have John Ryan as our guest, the R&D Packaging Director International at Kraft Heinz. As a global company, Kraft Heinz needs to address packaging issues on a larger scale, so naturally, we were interested in the sustainability strategies and hurdles in different countries. But also the cooperation with […]

Episode 12 – Sharon Barak / Solutum – Eliminating plastic waste

Plastic waste is an extreme burden on our oceans. There are many initiatives to counteract these mountains of waste. One part of the three Rs approach (reduce, recycle, reuse) is to reduce plastic packaging, with the aim of reducing waste. But what if they were completely biodegradable? Sharon Barak is the founder of Solutum and […]

Episode 10 – Conscious Container – Building the refillable glass circular economy

To achieve a functioning circular economy, it is not only the plastics industry that needs to be revolutionized. Glass plays an essential role in the field of packaging materials, but has its particular hurdles when it comes to reuse and recycling. That’s why we’re happy to welcome Caren McNamara and Bruce Stephens from Conscious Container […]

Episode 9 – David Katz / Plastic Bank – Social Plastic

Plastic Bank is a social enterprise that fights poverty and ocean plastic through recycling. They are working on creating a worldwide chain of stores where everything from cooking fuel and more is available for purchase in exchange for plastic garbage – which is then sorted, shredded and sold to brands who reuse „social plastic“ in […]

Episode 8 – Ron van Hilst / Cargill – The global food giant nobody knows

In the eighth episode of PACKOLUTION we have Ron van Hilst as our guest. He is the global packaging technology lead at Cargill, one of the world’s largest food manufacturers. 70% of supermarket products are Cargill products, yet nobody knows them. The topic of this episode is their sustainability strategy and what opportunities and hurdles […]

Episode 6 – Ansgar Schonlau / Maag – Lean Management Strategy

Maag GmbH manufactures flexible packaging and has reinvented itself as a company in recent years when it comes to sustainability. Managing Director Ansgar Schonlau tells us in the sixth episode of PACKOLUTION all about the implemented lean management strategy and how the whole chain has to work together in order to achieve sustainability in terms […]

Episode 5 – Marcel Keuenhof / KIDV (Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging)

In the fifth episode of PACKOLUTION we talk to Marcel Keuenhof from KIDV, the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging, about all things sustainability in the packaging world. He goes into packaging materials, greenwashing and the say-do-gap of consumers, but starts off by answering the basic question regarding the different definitions of sustainability.