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3. Juni 2022

Episode 10 – Conscious Container – Building the refillable glass circular economy

Habt ihr schon unsere neuen Werbekarten entdeckt? Seit Ende Juli kann man sich die ein oder andere Karte an einem Edgar-Cards-Standort einstecken – und auch unterwegs verteilen unsere Watttrojaner fleißig vereinzelte Karten. Also Augen aufhalten, vielleicht läuft euch ja die ein oder andere Karte über den Weg!

To achieve a functioning circular economy, it is not only the plastics industry that needs to be revolutionized. Glass plays an essential role in the field of packaging materials, but has its particular hurdles when it comes to reuse and recycling. That’s why we’re happy to welcome Caren McNamara and Bruce Stephens from Conscious Container as interviewees in our tenth episode of #PACKOLUTION. They are on a mission to end single-use packaging and have invented a system where perfectly good glass bottles are washed and resold to reduce carbon emissions & mitigate supply chain issues. In addition to their revolutionary system, they also address pros and cons of glass as packaging, opportunities for innovation, and the recycling system in the US.

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