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29. März 2023

ECPA stellt watttron vor

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Dear members and associate members,

As you all know by now we offer you the possibility to send out a branded newsletter to all our members with your content. This time it’s our associate member watttron from Germany who’s explaining what they can offer you.

Are you interested in your own copy? Get in contact with Marc van den Maagdenberg.

watttron develops digital heating systems for thermoforming and sealing processes.

100 % Sustainability – 100 % Performance

We make sustainability easy with our disruptive technology. We aim to give our customers the full understanding and control over their thermal processes to deliver best quality and reach maximum efficiency.

Our heating products features reflect a clear commitment on the part of our company: to produce efficient, high-tech heating systems that make a positive contribution to conserving raw materials worldwide by making recyclable materials processable.

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Our systems

• increase output
• save material (+ barrier) and energy
• enable the use of alternative materials


Suitable for:

• Spouted pouches & bags
• Cups and capsules
• Thermoforming
• Moulded pulp applications
• Customized solutions
• Retrofit or new machinery

Instead of one heating element as in conventional systems, watttron‘s heating system provides multiple independently controlled heat circuits (heat pixels, size 5x5mm) with integrated temperature sensors which are placed close to the sealing surface to achieve very short closed control loop. This allows individual heating in small zones and at specific temperatures as each has a specific heat supply.
The integrated control electronics additionally provide a very fast temperature control up to several hundred times a second. This leads to a very precise temperature control and process stability for thermoforming and sealing applications.


The low thermal mass of our system also enables the reduction of the energy consumption by up to 50 % during operation, and up to 90 % during ramp up. Through temperature profiling we are capable of reducing the input material demand by 50 % with maintained product quality.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our following events: March 21 at the Plastic Pouches Conference in Barcelona or May 4 – 10 at Interpack in Düsseldorf – Hall 13, Booth B16.

For more information, please visit our website, our LinkedIn Profile, our YouTube Channel, or message us via

Get in contact with us:DSC00256

watttron GmbH
Dresdner Straße 172c
01705 Freital, Germany
+49 (0) 351 271808 00

Happy Packing always,

Your ECPA board,

Chairman, Ingo Meierhans
Vice chairman and Tresurer, Peter-Alexander Driessen
Board member, Ton Knipscheer
Board member, Matthias Meyer-Böhringer
Board member, Morten Duch
Board member and General secretary, Marc van den Maagdenberg

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