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6. Januar 2022


Habt ihr schon unsere neuen Werbekarten entdeckt? Seit Ende Juli kann man sich die ein oder andere Karte an einem Edgar-Cards-Standort einstecken – und auch unterwegs verteilen unsere Watttrojaner fleißig vereinzelte Karten. Also Augen aufhalten, vielleicht läuft euch ja die ein oder andere Karte über den Weg!

When we started back in 2016, we wanted to change the packaging world with our disruptive digital heating systems to make it more sustainable.
Since then, we learned that it doesn’t end with the installation of our digital sealing bars on pouch-making machines or the matrix heater on thermoforming machines. Not at all; this is where it begins! We are part of a bigger movement for sustainable packaging material. We at watttron are curious to learn the different perspectives on what sustainable packaging is. This is why we’ve invited various partners from the value chain to have an open discussion about their ideas. The people we spoke with so far had very interesting views on sustainability, so we decided to record them and make a series of podcasts for a broader audience. We have some great, surprising and innovative perspectives from partners at Suez (recycler), Maag and Constantia (flexible packaging producers), but also end-users like FMCG companies and big snack producers, represented by the European Snacks Association shared their views.
We decided to call this podcast series Packolution, as this says in a nutshell what it’s about. No deep dive into technical details, no public relations for watttron or our partner. No, open, transparent and pleasant conversations on how we all can contribute to a more sustainable environment by looking at the packaging we buy.
Be part of the change and broaden your view by tuning into Packolution and let yourself be surprised. The first episode will be aired in January.
The podcast is hosted by Michaela Wachtel and Ton Knipscheer.

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