Origin & Future

Origin & Future

Innovative Technology “Made in Saxony”

We come from Saxony – a region that has become famous not only for its art and culture but also for its many inventors and inventions. Progress is in our genes. Watttron is a spin-off of the Institute for Natural Materials Technology at the Technical University of Dresden and the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV. Here we laid the foundation for our innovative technology. Its trend-setting character was recognized early on by the experts and has been rewarded with several prizes – among them the German raw material efficiency award and the German Packaging Award.
To this day, we maintain close contact with the scientific community, whose latest findings we incorporate further into the development of our technology. Our goal is to make tomorrow’s manufacturing processes more efficient, resource-saving and sustainable. And to give our customers a calculable and ethical competitive advantage.

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