Moulded Pulp

Moulded Pulp

The future of moulded pulp packaging

The new cera2heat digital heating technology allows the lamination of a thin (80 - 150 µm) layer of plastic film inside fiber-based moulded packaging. The digital lamination using cera2heat technology ensures that the film has a consistent thickness throughout the packaging, guaranteeing that even a thin film provides a sufficient barrier for gases, liquids and grease.
Additionally, it is easy for consumers to separate the constituents and dispose of them in a material-adequate manner. This results in a sustainable, fully recyclable packaging that also offers thermal insulation for hot drinks, which is not found in standard plastic cups. In addition, the cera2heat technology offers the following benefits:

  • Uniform material distribution and adhesion, even in the bottom corner, without the need for plug-assistance.
  • Significantly reduced heating times compared to radiation heating.
  • Simplified machine design and uncomplicated production process.
  • Compatibility with materials that have narrow processing windows, such as Polypropylene or recycled plastics.
  • Energy savings due to the use of thinner film.
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