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12. October 2023

Mespack and watttron Formalize an Agreement for its Collaboration Integrating the Smart Digital Sealing Technology into the Flexible Packaging Machinery

Both Mespack and watttron start an ongoing collaboration to develop smart digital sealing technology for both horizontal and vertical form fill and seal machines, as well as hydroforma soluble pods equipment.


Barcelona (Spain) & Freital (Germany), October 10th – Mespack, a leading international manufacturer of horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machines for the flexible packaging, end-of-line equipment, as well as water-soluble pods machines; and watttron, the inventor of digital heating, an innovative heating system for industrial processes; have signed an agreement for its collaboration to integrate the smart digital sealing technology into the flexible packaging machinery.

Both companies have decided to join forces to offer the most innovative and efficient solutions in the flexible and sustainable packaging industry. This agreement integrates technology for both horizontal and vertical form fill and seal machines, as well as the soluble pods equipment Hydroforma series.

Watttron brings smart digital sealing technology that integrates perfectly into Mespack machines, and allows using complicated pouch geometries, including complex irregular shapes that are highly demanded in recent times. This technology is really suitable for sustainable pouches and mono-materials structures, which require high control and precision of the sealing temperature.

This innovation of Mespack and watttron together, allows to save 84% of energy compared to traditional heat-sealing systems as well as 65% reduction of the amount of wasted pouches on mono-material laminates. With precise and quick temperature control, heat-sealing temperatures can be lowered and adjusted in significantly less time than in conventional processes, greatly reducing both consumption and potential risks to employee safety.

This technology integrates seamlessly with Athena, Mespack’s digital platform, allowing it to be used to improve quality by monitoring the sealing process and ensuring that bags are sealed correctly, avoiding potential costly loss of product.

Mespack’s new machinery can be easily adapted to operate with this new technology and those machines already installed in the facilities of customers, can be retrofitted with specific modules for this purpose. Both Mespack and watttron have as their primary objective to offer most efficient solutions to FMCG companies.

With the signing of this collaboration agreement, both leading companies strengthen their relationship to continue working together in their R&D centers to bring to the market state-of-the-art creations for the development of the best flexible packaging according to customer needs. The alliance allows Mespack to offer unique solutions in the market that provide the best results with high performance.


In the words of Guillem Clofent, Managing Director of Mespack: “At Mespack we could not be more satisfied than to reach agreements with pioneering companies in technology and where together we can collaborate to jointly design innovative solutions that can improve the business of our customers. Watttron, in this sense, fits perfectly with our philosophy, where we put the customer’s needs first so that they can obtain perfect and efficient results in their packaging process.”

For its part, Marcus Stein, Managing Director of watttron states that “Watttron is pleased that Mespack machines are equipped with our digital sealing technology. We are sure that our collaboration will represent a turning point in the packaging industry, since it is important to be very precise and to be able to adapt to a variety of pouch formats and a different type of sustainable films that need specific requirements due to their characteristics. We’re looking forward to lots of common projects according to our vision – Revolutionizing the packaging world and making it more sustainable.”

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